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Take your coins to a coin dealer you can trust. Our staff has over 60 years in the industry, and we’re happy to use that experience to get you the very best service when dealing with your collection.

No matter if you’re a collector or you inherited a collection from a family member, we will be able to evaluate the value of your coins accurately. Whether you’re looking to build your selection through our extensive inventory of collectible U.S. coins and foreign coins, or you want to liquidate some of your cache with our excellent pricing, our coin shop in Denver is ready to serve all of your coin collection needs.

We’re also an authorized Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) dealer. As a gold and silver coin dealer, partnering with PCGS means we make sure you get accurate grading that abides by a universal grading standard. Multiple independent experts perform the step-by-step process of analyzing the characteristics and conditions of each coin until they reach a consensus. All this to instill the utmost confidence while buying and selling your coins.

Many of these coins are suitable for investment as well. Coins can be very profitable for their rarity, but collections can be easy to start with contemporary options as well. Even modern coins can contain high-grade metals, making them an excellent way to invest in precious metals.

Investing in coins is a long-term enterprise. Thorough research and informed decisions are paramount in your commitment to coins, and there’s no better way to set down this path than building a relationship with a knowledgeable and trusted coin dealer. You can even supply us with your want list, and our coin shop in Denver will diligently work on locating coins for you.

We specialize in pre-1933 U.S. gold coins and pre-1935 U.S. silver dollars. We also have many modern gold and silver issues in our inventory. But whatever your needs, you’ll rest assured that our team will take the necessary steps to ensure you get what you want out of your collection.

Many of these coins are suitable for investment as well.

As a gold and silver coin dealer, we specialize in U.S. gold coins, pre 1933 and U.S. silver dollars, pre 1935. We also Inventory many modern gold and silver Issues.

We buy and sell all types of U.S. and Foreign coins and US Currency & Notes. Supply us with your want list and we will diligently work on locating coins for you.

Visit our coin store in Denver or call to ask about our current selection of coins!

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