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Do You Have Paper Currency?

That may seem like an odd question but there are many rare or unusual forms of paper currency that are worth far more than their face value. You may know about gold coins being used as currency, but there are forms of U.S. currency and notes that most people have probably never heard of before. That’s because U.S. currency was produced in many different denominations, shapes, and sizes over the course of our country’s history.

For instance, did you know that there were 5 cent notes at one time? They are known as ‘fractional currency’ and are worth far more than a nickel today! American currency has ranged from those humble 5 cent notes all the way up to $10,000 Federal Reserve notes.
Here at Golden Peaks Gold & Silver, we are interested in purchasing unique forms of collectible paper currency, both U.S. and foreign.

Some examples include:

• Broken Bank and Confederate notes
• Continental Currency
• Gold Certificates
• Federal Reserve Notes
• Military Payment Certificates
• National Currency (Issued by private banks in all states and some territories)
• Silver Certificates
• Treasury Notes
• United States Notes
• WWII Emergency Notes
• High Denomination Currency ($500, $1000, $5000, $10000)

Silver Certificates

Silver certificate dollar bills were once a common form of currency. They were ‘representative money’ that could be evenly exchanged for silver coins or even raw silver. Their use was relatively short-lived since they became obsolete once the country committed to the gold standard. Nevertheless, they have retained their value as a much-prized piece of American history!

Colorado & US National Currency

After the civil war, the U.S treasury developed a program where private banks, could deposit bonds with the treasury and print currency with their specific bank name and location on them. These are known as the national currency.

These notes were authorized from one dollar to one thousand dollars. Not all chartered banks chose to participate. Some banks only printed one or two denominations while some of the larger banks printed many of them.
We are interested in purchasing all national banknotes and particularly interested in Colorado notes.

We Buy and Sell Paper Currency

Whether you’re interested in selling unusual paper currency or selling gold and silver coins, you’ll always find fair deals and friendly customer service when you visit us!

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US Currency & Silver Certificate Dollar Bills