Is Having Gold a Good Investment?

Gold bars and a graph with price increases

Gold receives a lot of attention since most people perceive it as a “safe asset.” Typically, gold is commonly used as an alternative for fiat money like the Euro and US Dollar. The value of gold is relatively stable due to its increased demand and scarce supply. But is gold a good investment? Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in gold:

Gold is Easy to Liquidate

You can buy physical gold in two main forms: stamped gold bullions/bars or coins. Physical gold is easy to liquidate because investors are always looking to purchase gold. Besides, the value of gold is determined by the gold content, not the condition or its rarity.


Owning Gold Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio

As an investor, putting all your eggs in the same basket can be risky. Gold is not affected by the stock market, unlike other investments backed by the U.S. Dollar. This means that the value of gold does not go down with the depreciation of the dollar. Diversifying involves combining investments like bonds and stock with gold to spread risk and reduce volatility.


Gold Can Assist With Wealth Preservation

Many investors consider gold for preserving wealth. When investors realize they are losing money, they buy gold as a hedging asset. Since gold is a scarce asset that maintains its value over time, it can offer peace of mind, particularly during an economic crisis. The precious commodity is considered an excellent hedge against inflation since the increased cost of goods tends to reduce the value of fiat money.


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