Tips For Selling Gold & Silver Jewelry

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Are you thinking about selling your jewelry for some quick cash? While it is an excellent time to sell your gold and silver jewelry, it’s important to do your homework beforehand. We’ve created this quick guide to give you some tips on selling your jewelry so you can get the fair cash value you deserve. 1. Watching the Value of [...]

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What’s Happening To The Price Of Silver?

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Following the Reddit-fueled trading frenzy in January that sent GameStop stock soaring “to the moon,” those same traders set their sights on a short-squeeze on silver. The investor frenzy pushed the white metal up 6% on January 28, marking the largest one-day increase for silver since August 2020. Silver’s strong performance was also buoyed by timely comments from the Federal Reserve acknowledging [...]

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How to Sell Gold

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The commodities market has started the year off strong and gold prices are up. Not surprisingly,  many profit-takers are capitalizing on the opportunity to realize immediate cash. Perhaps you’re thinking about selling some of your gold and wondering what’s the best way to go about it? How can you get the best price for your gold? The first step is to [...]

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Predictions for Gold & Silver in 2021

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Predictions for Gold & Silver in 2021 As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged countries around the world in 2020, trillions of dollars were pushed into the financial markets. In December, Congress passed a second and long-awaited stimulus package to aid businesses and individuals. Consequently, economists and market analysts expect investors will brace for inflation in 2021. Many market analysts predict precious [...]

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